Monday, February 23, 2015

The Reich Bundle is here!

You can now purchase all 12 issues of Reich at once, and save $6 off the total cost of the collection!  It's a steal for this great series.  Order here!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hungry Summer on the High-Low Best of 2014!

 Rob Clough gave a nice little write-up of Asher Craw's Hungry Summer for The Comics Journal.  Clough says:
"Craw updates the myth of Baba Yaga and puts it in a feminist, modern context without removing an ounce of her capricious and sometimes menacing nature. Those who cross her are literally made to lose all corporeal substance. Those fascinated by her do so at their own peril, even when they do her a favor. Transformation, blurred gender, and other forms of identification and the power of everyday magic continue to be Craw’s main themes, but the oblique way they play out here makes them all the more fascinating."

Check out the complete list here!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sparkplug at LA Zine Fest this weekend!

Sparkplug is going to LA!  We'll see you this Sunday, February 15th.  LA Zine Fest is free, open to the public, and one of our favorite conventions!  More info here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sparkplug's 2015 Publishing Schedule Announcement!

Sparkplug Books is pleased to announce the addition of 5 new titles to the Sparkplug Minis Series in 2015.  The Sparkplug Minis Series (SMS) is a collection of short run, limited addition mini comics by up-and-coming and outstanding artists.  So far the series has included books by Asher Craw, Whit Taylor and Yumi Sakugawa.  In 2015, five more excellent artists will join the roster.
·      Ce Ze (SMS #4) by Suzette Smith will debut in April.  Smith is a graduate of the IPRC comics certificate program.  Her work has appeared in Comics Workbook, Bitch Magazine and the Portland Mercury.  Description of Ce Ze: “Honey Czarny and Amelia Smith are 7th graders who share fragmented memories of past lives in which they were powerful beings named Ce and Ze. A rival king’s plot to murder Ze forced her to flee her kingdom. Ce and Ze study and emulate human behavior but wish to return to their realm. “
·      SMS #5 will be by O Horvath and is slated to come out in June.  Horvath is a printmaker, comic artist and Xeric Grant recipient from Providence, RI.
·      SMS #6 by is by Nalleli Sierra, a.k.a. Naji and is coming out in September. Naji is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago. Her work has appeared in Linework comics anthology.
·      SMS #7 is by Portlander Ebin Lee. The release of this comic will coincide with Short Run Comics Festival in Seattle, WA this coming October. Lee is a graduate of PNCA and an accomplished illustrator and self-publisher.
·      SMS #8 is slated for February 2016 and will be by Solomon Fletcher.  Fletcher is a comics artist from Minneapolis.  They are the author of many minicomics and the sex positive webcomic Goldy and the Bears.
We hope you are looking forward to these new books as much as we are!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Attention Reviewers!

My list of reviewers is woefully outdated, so I am putting out the call!  If you would like copies of Sparkplug titles (pdf or otherwise) please let me know!  You can email me at virginia (at) sparkplugcomicbooks (dot) com.  We put out some great titles last year and want to spread the word.