Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sparkplug at the San Diego Comic Con

This week Sparkplug will be setting up at the San Diego Comic Con. We'll be selling books for Tugboat Press, Secret Acres, Bodega Distribution, La Mano 21, Robin Snyder/Steve Ditko, Teenage Dinosaur and other wonderful artists/publishers. Shannon O'leary, Tim Goodyear and I will be at booth (1533&1535) during a lot of the show. La Mano head honcho Zak Sally and artist Jason T. Miles will also be at the booth. We will be sharing the location with Sparkplug best buddy Tom Neely's I Will Destroy You.

This Comic Con is a big deal for us for a lot of reasons including Jason Shiga's
Bookhunter nomination for an Eisner Award. We will have a bunch of artists and
surprise guests at the table, stop by and visit:
Trevor Alixopulos: Saturday and Sunday 1-3pm

David King: Thursday through Sunday 11-1pm

Jeff LeVine: Thursday through Sunday 4-5 pm

Jason Shiga: Thursday through Sunday 2-4pm and 2-3pm on Saturday

San Diego will also be your last chance to get a Nerd Burglar.

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