Monday, August 25, 2008

Rober Kirkman's Mission Impossible

A friend of mine told me about this "mission statement" by Robert Kirkman. It is totally fascinating. I don't think I ever fully understand what those guys who go to Marvel/DC superheroes from doing their own stuff but this helps a little. It is actually kind of sad but if you are interested in the insanity that is the "comic book industry" then Kirkman's video offers a great laugh. A sad and depressing view into the world that I wake up each morning praying for the death of.


Austin English said...

But i kinda like that a comics guy would do this...its not like brett ratner goes online and makes a video going "the reason i make crap is to SAVE EVERYTHING."

Randy said...


dylan sparkplug said...

Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
I'm trying to remember who Brett Ratner is. I'm going to look him up.

tom Neely said...

HA! That was funny. I think it's interesting that it seems like most of it is centered around making money. "I make a great living! And you can too!" Sure it'd be nice if we could make a living off of comics, but that's becoming less and less of a priority in my artmaking.

He also doesn't seem to have any interst in really breaking the mold, rather it's just about leaving the big companies and doing the same thing that they are doing but on a smaller scale. But these guys don't really know how to do anything else but create more super-heroes or genre comics, anyway. They might as well stick with Marvel. I'm totally sick of seeing mainstream-wanna-be indie stuff.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to writing "Moby Dick II: Ishmael Strikes Back!"

randy said...

10 cool points for sincerity, but that won't get you that far. even pussy costs at least 40 points in the current market

ratner peaked on triumph, and it's been all downhill since