Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Book Publishing is scared.

Shannon just sent me this awesomely scary article from Salon. I haven't read it all yet. It is interesting that panic is sort of affecting a lot of people. More later.

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Steve Lafler said...

Yup, it's a scary article, but it makes for a very interesting read. The second page profiles the nimble small house McSweeney's as an example of a new biz model.
Survival for a niche publisher, like Sparkplug, depends on the network of relationships built and successfully maintained.
IT ain't gonna be easy in the economy we find ourselves in, but a small press that invests time & energy in a network of mutually beneficial grassroots relationships stands a chance of building circulation and cashflow.

Sure, comics publishers want that Diamond order to underline distribution and cashflow, but no one is going to survive with just that.

Any small comics and GN publisher who can survive this next economic stretch can probably survive anything!