Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Benjamin Marra's new Night Business

You have to check his stuff out. From Ben:

"Night Business, Issue 2, is debuting at NY Comic Con this weekend, Feb. 6 to 8, at the Javits Center!! But it's available in advance here, on my website's shop!! Also! I'm now taking orders for hand-painted, airbrush Night Business T-Shirts depicting Johnny Timothy (see attached)! The shirts are 80s-neon green, from American Apparel, and each one painted by expert fashion airbrush artist Jennifer Ginchereau! They are ... esspensive ($60 + shipping) and may take a few weeks to get to you (because Jen will be painting them as orders come in), but you'll no doubt be the coolest kid on the block. Order yours today! NY Comic Con this weekend!! Be sure to swing by our booth (1056), wave hello to the Nerdcore dudes, and punch my Mammal pals in the arm, to test their machoness. You'll find Nerdcore calendars (va-voom) n'other Nerdcore stuff for sale. Issues of Mammal, Mammal t-shirts and issues of Night Business will be for sale as well. Hope to see you there!! I'll sign copies of Night Biz for you."

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