Thursday, June 11, 2009

We got that Post MoCCA Attitude!

This Year's MoCCA Festival was the hottest convention I've ever been to. I mean that literally, it was sweltering and stuffy BUT there were so many amazing comics there. It made it totally worth it for me and Sparkplug.

Here is my list of books I bought, traded for or was gifted:

  • What Are You Thinking? by Martin Enstsen
  • You're Talking With the Wrong Person by Martin Enstsen
  • The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories by Marguerite
  • 2 one sheets by really good newcomer Miss Lisa Ramsey
  • Falling Sky by Victor Kerlow
  • Paper Cutter #10 by Tugboat Press with work by Damien Jay, Jesse Reklaw and Minty Lewis
  • Casual Sex by David Beyer Jr.
  • Gangster Rap Posse #1 by Benjamin Mara
  • Invasive Exotics by Jack Turnbull
  • The Red Stiletto by Marc Sobel
  • Invisible Forces by Juliacks
  • A Fall A Part by JP Coovert
  • Welcome to the Death Club by Winshluss
  • Dapper Chap Quarterly #2, #3, #4 by Mike Freiheit, Neal Iannone, Lauren Hicky, and others
  • Call All My Dawgs #3 (Totally Sinbad) by Sam Gaskin
  • She Skull #1 by Sara Antoinette Martin
  • Peaches Gets Pinched by Erin Colby Griffin
  • Mine by Jason Hoffman
  • Nine Tenths by James Smith
  • Piracy is Liberation by Mattias Elftorp
  • Blue Eyes by Lisa Mangum
  • Slap in the Face: My Obsession With GG Allin by Justin Melkman
  • Wet Gringo by Nick Choban with art by Sergio Zuniga and Justin Melkman
  • Bury Me Not by Candy Blondell
  • Simple Routines #10 & #11 by JP Coovert
  • Elkekation by Molly O'Connell
  • Ben Steeple #1 by Jason Estrin
  • Dog Comix #6 1/2 by Gary Fields
  • Monkey Island by Matt Rota
  • Golago #95 (a Sweedish comix anthology)
  • Daring Americans by Benjamin Marra, Devin Clark, Thomas Forget, and Dan Meth
  • Saucy #1 by Frank Reynoso
  • Sugarcube by Samuel C. Gaskin
  • Whisky Jack & Kid Coyote Meet the King of Stink by Shawn Cheng
  • Magic Shistle #11 1/2 by Sam Henderson
  • The Ugly Place by Kubby
  • The Biographer by Ada E. Price
  • Everything #2 by Mark Hensley and Scott Longo
  • Pool Cue on Hand by Malcy Duff
  • Two Pages, Two Comics, One Abstraction: by Derik Badman
  • Insomnia Season by Mike Freiheit
  • Nurse Nurse #4 by Katie Skelly
  • Jumbly Junkery #6, #7 by L. Nichols
  • Gutter by Victor Kerlow
  • Protagonists by Ada Price
  • Gags For Kids by Karen Sneider
  • In the Name of Love (R. Kelly Comics) by Scott Longo
  • Cestbon Anthology #4, #5
  • Year Books by Nicholas Breutzman, Shaun Feltz and Raighne Hogan
  • Beauty Patrol by Cody Roder
  • A Butler Named Hawk by Clara Johansson
  • Sorry I Can't Take Your Call Right Now But I'm Off Saving the World anthology
  • The Mud Bog by Kubby
  • Sula: Falling Through Ice by James Smith III
  • Gang of Fools by James Smith III, Jean Baptiste and Jamie Starr
  • Taffy Hips Issue #3 by Zara Messano, Gil Gentile, Harrison Sherrod, Jack Rohman and others
  • Smoke Signal (a free anthology) by Gabe at Desert Island Comics
  • Mexikask Granso by Clara Johansson and Emelie Ostergren

Basically a ton of amazing stuff. I'm sure I forgot something, got something wrong or listed something I shouldn't have. If you want to correct something or would like to know what I thought of something send me an email or comment here, please.

And if you'd like to see me and Shannon O'Leary's Flickr pictures from the show go here.

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Good Minnesotan said...

Hi Dylan, Raighne here. I would love to get your thoughts on Yearbooks and whether or not you have any interest in distributing it. Thanks much!