Thursday, February 04, 2010

Profanity Hill is live!

Running a small online distro of mini comics makes me really really really appreciate a well run small online distro of comics. The inimitable Jason T. Miles (creator of Dead Ringer, available from La Mano) just started an amazing Seattle Comix and Zine distro called Profanity Hill.

I placed an order and the books came right away, with such care. Profanity Hill specializes in art created by citizens of the Emerald City to the North (Seattle) but there is such a variety that I had a hard time just picking a few books. Most of Miles' own minis are also availble on the site too.

Please take a look and order a bunch. I feel like our only way around crappy big comic monopolies squeezing out any personality in comix is to support people offering such a variety. Try new stuff and learn about other local scenes. Let me know if you need any recommendations. Profanity Hill 4ever!

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