Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free Dope Flounder this weekend!

This Saturday (May 1st) Tugboat Press, Teenage Dinosaur and Sparkplug Comic Books are proud to present a free comic book available at comic book stores nationwide this Saturday. Six new artists to flip your lid: Sean Christensen (cover), David Wien (back cover), Nicole Georges, Jesse Reklaw, Tom Lechner and Ian Sundahl

In Portland, OR Dope Flounder is available at:
Guapo Comics and Coffee
Cosmic Monkey Comics
Bridge City Comics
Floating World Comics
Excalibur Comics
Reading Frenzy
Together Gallery
and just added: the Microcosm Store!
Artists from Dope Flounder will be at Guapo and Cosmic Monkey

And, nationwide you can get this Free comic from these wonderful stores:

Copacetic Comics Company in Pittsburgh, PA
Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, MI
Zanadu Comics in Seattle, WA
Spacecat Comics and Cards in San Jose, CA
Comix Revolution in Evanston, IL
Chicago Comics in Chicago, IL
Big Brain Comics in Minneapolis, MN
Forbidden Planet in New York, NY
Cosmic Comics in New York, NY
Pilot Books in Seattle, WA
Phantom of The Attic in Pittsburgh, PA
Desert Island Comics in Brooklyn, NY
Meltdown in Los Angeles, CA
Showcase Comics in Bryn Mawr, PA
Comic Relief in Berkeley, CA
Titan Comics in Dallas, TX
Jim Hanley's Universe in New York, NY
Danger Room in Olympia, WA
Atomic Books in Baltimore, MA
House of Secrets in Burbank, CA
Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA

If you are a retailer and would like to carry our free comic next year please contact Tony Shenton at:


James Henry Dufresne said...

Ok, so uhhhh, what if you WANT one, but aren't lucky enough to live near one of those posted establishments? Could these, per chance, be made available online for a fee? Perhaps enough to cover the charge of shipping?

dylan sparkplug said...

Good question. The book is up for sale on the Sparkplug site, under the bookstore tab. 1 cent plus shipping!

James Henry Dufresne said...

Sweet! That whole "ask and ye shall receive" adage proven true!