Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New today! Rum Lad #4, The Wall #1 and more!

Today we added four comics by British artists! Rum Lad #4 by Steve Larder, Morgenmuffel #17 by Isy, and The Death of a Salesman and The Wall #1 by Edd Baldry. All excellent, all punk/activist/politically themed. Rum Lad has some seriously beautiful drawing in it - both landscapes and people seem to move. It's worth checking out for the art alone. Morgenmuffel #17 brings Isy into familiar territory - the Pacific Northwest - and includes a cameo from Shawn Granton of Ten Foot Rule. The Death of a Salesman is a moving account and analysis of police brutality against activists, particularly during the G20 summit. And finally, we have an allegory set in the land of the Wind in the Willows: The Wall #1.

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vollsticks said...

This is so cool, it's great that you're supporting those of us toiling away in the UK! Good on you, you fucking rock!