Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sparkplug at the Portland Comic Book Show

Sparkplug will be in full effect at the Portland Comic Book Show this Sunday November 21st 10am to 5pm. It is at the Portland Memorial Coliseum  If you are in the rainy city make sure you come by. This show has a bunch of long boxes but it also has a pretty unique cross section of Northwest Comics.


David King said...

I wish I could attend this show

dylan sparkplug said...

You should. What is stopping you?

Doug Dorr said...

see you there.

David King said...

Everything is stopping me

dylan sparkplug said...

But look at all the press:

We received very favorable coverage in the Oregonian's Arts & Entertainment Section in the Friday Nov. 19th edition.

Page 9 is our show ad. The Star Wars Costume Enthusiasts are bringing their largest gathering of people in costume to the show. We decided to increase our ad size by 25%. There are going to be many new costumes that attendees have not seen before.

Page 45 "Five Live - Promising Events Coming Your Way"
Portland Comic Book Show is listed #4 with a picture!
You can see the picture & listing on OregonLive:

Page 46 "Family Fun"
Portland Comic Book Show is listed with a description

Other news:
Mike Royer had to cancel due to being ill with the creeping crud that is making the rounds. He has promised to make it to next years show.

Everything else looks good and this should be our final email update. Thank you for supporting the show & we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!