Thursday, October 17, 2013

New in the Store: Vortex #4!

Welcome to the psychedelic space fantasy cosmos of the Hyperverse, a realm filled with immensely powerful beings who battle over worlds with strange geologies and hoard advanced technologies left by ancient starfarers. The Vortex are shape-shifting berserkers created and enslaved by the Empire of Tolx. In Vortex #2, the Miizzzard entered the shred Vortex dreamworld to destroy the device by which the Empire controls the Vortex. In Vortex #3, the Miizzzard battled his way to the control device and stepped inside...

In this amazing conclusion to the Vortex series, the Miizzzard enters into a deadly battle in order to destroy the Empire's Vortex-controlling device...but does he succeed? Get this visually stunning final issue to finish Cardini's incredible series and find out!

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