Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Late Summer Check In

Hi all!  Hope you are having a good summer!
If you have tried to order books from our website during the last couple months, you may have encountered a glitchy shopping cart or an internal server error notification.  We have been having a lot of trouble getting the site to function and it's been a slow process getting it back to working order again.  Our old hosting platform did not support our Wordpress-based site, and I've spent a lot of time on hold this summer, trying to get things cancelled and moved over to our new hosting.  The fact that the domain name is still in Dylan's name has been causing some problems too; I'm waiting to hear from the original host if they will let me take over ownership of the name. 
Online sales are a good amount of our income and having the site out of commission for a lot of the summer has really impacted Sparkplug's budget.  The good news is we got the site moved to Laughing Squid hosting, who are great, and redid our theme so the site should be working well now.  We've still got a few tweaks to make, so please feel free to email me if you encounter any issues (virginia (at) sparkplugcomicbooks (dot) com).  If you've been waiting to order books from us, now would be a good time to do it - we could really use your support.  Thanks for your patience with this issue.
And yes - that is the cover for the final Reich book up there!  We've been gathering together the necessary components for our Kickstarter campaign for that book and for William Cardini's Vortex collection.  We'll make a big announcement in a couple weeks when the campaign goes live, so keep an eye out.  We're really excited about these two books and you should be too!


PS.  A HUGE thank you to our go-to guy for website issues, Milo George.  He has been a total champ and so responsive and helpful during this whole mess.  Hooray for Milo!

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