Thursday, May 08, 2014

New In the Shop! Barrio Mothers & TEMI #1!

Good morning, all! Two new books are up in the shop today- first off, you can order the incredibly cool and incredibly free-except-for-shipping Barrio Mothers Free Comic Book Day comic if you missed it in stores! With such a lovely cover and good local Portland artists, there really is no resisting such a fabulous deal~

Next up is TEMI #1 by Sera Stanton! This book is the first in an ongoing series that explores the hero myth from a new perspective - that of a lunar female hero. Follow Temi through densely illustrated pages as she is bullied, riddled with nightmares and generally has a bad time until she is cast out of her community to face the world on her own. She can tough it out!

Enjoy the sun while you can, Portland! Have a rad day!

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