Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rob Clough Reviews Golem of Gabirol!

The ever-on point Rob Clough reviewed Olga Volozova's Golem of Gabirol! We are honored to have Rob take a look at our books. Here's an excerpt: 

" For Volozova herself (who dedicated the book to her late husband, who was also a rabbi), The Golem of Gabirol represents her own attempt to create life using text, in order to honor an old legend, to establish a memorial for her husband, and to construct a feminist narrative where she builds a creative space for herself and Zuleicha, word by word."

You can read the whole review at Foxing Quarterly, here!

Thank you so much, Rob!

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Olga Volozova said...

I am very grateful for this review, thank you from my heart Rob Clough!