Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rob Clough Reviews Hungry Summer!

Once again Rob Clough reviews a Sparkplug Mini! Hungry Summer by Asher Z Craw is one of our latest releases, and we are cheered by Rob's apt writing! Here is an excerpt: 

"Craw’s quasi-autobiographical comic, Zebediah, was an unpredictable, absorbing and ultimately humane fantasy account of how he came to understand his nature as a trans person. Hungry Summer covers some of the same territory with regard to gender and identity through magical realism, but this time the focus is entirely different. The main character of the comic is a bike-riding, shape-changing Baba Yaga, the Eastern European supernatural figure. Always an ambiguous figure, encounters with her often result in both good and ill."

You can read the whole review here!

Thank you, Rob!

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