Monday, February 22, 2016

Sparkplug Highlight: Ce/Ze

Ce/Ze, Suzette Smith’s dreamy take on science fiction/fantasy, follows two 7th graders who share a psychic link. Amelia Smith and Honey Czarny discover that they share fragmented memories of their past lives in another universe as powerful beings named Ce and Ze. A rival king’s plot to kill Ze nearly succeeded, so Ce and Ze were forced to escape to our world. Honey and Amelia study and emulate human behavior but feel no real connection to our reality reality: Ce contemplates trading the soul of one of her friends for a favor from the forest fairies, saying that she doesn’t think of herself and Ze as people. The girls seem to feel trapped in our world as in a nightmare, gradually learning more about their home universe and the danger therein through dreams and guided trances. Smith’s floaty style and fluid compositions create an evocative, unpredictable dreamscape, further blurring the hazy boundaries between visions, memories, and reality.

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