Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thank you so much.

I figure I should check in and let people know I'm doing okay. I've got more treatments ahead but I'm doing well. And me and Sparkplug owe a giant thank you for all the help everyone has given us during me being conked out. I'm a lot less worried about the way things will go now.


Tony Shenton said...

Heh, the word varification is "dozings" which, one thinks, will help you heal. Retailers who wish to order should contact me at Shenton4sales at, and while the support has been great, we hope for it to continue as medical treatment knows no bounds cost-wise. Dylan we all wish you speedy effective treatment and recovery.

Anonymous said...

9-10-11, what a day to remember. Rest In Peace. Know that you will be thought about everyday for years to come. Thinking of you now. Love and thoughts, your cousin Karen in Texas.