Friday, December 18, 2009

A = A

The only trouble with Steve Ditko is how much amazing stuff he's done in the past thirty years. Where to start? I just added four new books to the Sparkplug web store. All by Steve Ditko:
  • Mr. A
  • 160 Page Package
  • Ditko Package
  • Avenging World
All are highly recommended. Check 'em out.


Allen Spetnagel said...

Congratulations! Ditko will be a real feather in the SPARKPLUG cap!!! Will he be touring with you all at the Cons next year?

Rina A said...

Ditko is so bad-ass!

Jed said...

I have one of those "packages" and will be getting one of these books when I have a chance. I think it's fitting that you distribute this stuff. Ditko is the most original, self-directed and independent cartoonists living today, particularly after having worked in mainstream comics for decades. I may not agree with his politics, but he's a true original! I love his friggin Spider-Man and Doctor Strange and all the Charlton stuff and Hawk and Dove etc. etc.