Sunday, December 27, 2009

David King website is ALL NEW

David has revamped the Reliable comics website, it looks BE-OOOTIFUL:

"I made a lot of changes to Reliable Comics to make it more of a blog/e-comics deal. For the next month or so there'll be daily postings of all the past Danny Dutch comic strips (I renamed the strip to Reliable Comics' Laugh Menu because there's a dude on flickr named Danny Dutch now and his updates are screwing with my Google Alerts, and the strip's more of an ensemble thing anyhow *making a smug Hollywood face*) and I'm going to put as much of my other comics and drawing junk on there as I can get around to. So check it out and post some comments and subscribe to the RSS feed and buy comics from Sparkplug. From now on I'll only use this site to share Hulu clips and lettering samples."

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