Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Resurrected Ken Kesey

The resurrected Ken Kesey is working the drive up window at Rita's Tacos, filling orders and dispensing cryptic advice.
I wouldn't usually post a link to my El Vocho comics blog here, but maybe some folks in the Portland comics community share my affection for the late, great Kesey. I thanks ya for your indulgence!

"Ya can't quit da mob!"
-Ken Kesey


albisatya said...

Speaking of Kesey in the land of comics, my friends and I just published the second in an online series of comics that follows him and the Furthur bus across the country in 1964. You have to register at our Project Restoration social networking site to read it, but otherwise it's totally free. Hope it sounds interesting enough for you to check out.

albisatya said...

Oh, one further note. The Kesey comic just mentioned (Chronicles of Akasha) was produced in Portland.